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Members of the Commission

Montgomery County

Commissioners Court

Mark Keough—County Judge

Robert C. Walker—Commissioner, Precinct 1

Charlie Riley—Commissioner, Precinct 2

James Noack—Commissioner, Precinct 3

Matt Gray—Commissioner, Precinct 4


Application for Appointment

Historical Commission


  • Research and Historical Marker Committee

  • Historical Cemetery Committee

  • Communications Website and Social Media Committee

  • Endangered Buildings Committee

  • Grants-Budget Committee

  • Youth Advisory Board Committee

  • History Road Rally

  • Executive Committee

Historical Commission

  • Bartholet, Robin

  • Beard, Kirsten Fitzner

  • Beaven, Brenda

  • Canada, Mark

  • Carroll, Carolyn A.

  • Crowl, Chad

  • Dominey, Barkley

  • Foerster, Larry (Chairman)

  • Hersom, Frank

  • Hersom, Merlynn

  • Hignett, Kimberly

  • Johnson, Frank M.

  • Jordan, Maria Banos

  • Kerr, Annette

  • Knauer, Brittany Wallace

  • Lamons, Robert

  • Londeen, Ryan

  • Meador, Ann

  • Montgomery, Joy

  • Montgomery, Robin

  • Muir, Steven

  • Neal, Grant Miles

  • Powell, Sue Ann (Secretary)

  • Rapoza, Andrew

  • Ringo, Missy

  • Saikowski, Ron

  • Searle, Kameron K.

  • Sellers, John

  • Sargent, Bernard

  • Shepeard, Anna

  • Smith, Austin

  • Smythe, Beverly

  • Spencer, Gertie

  • Uher, Victor

  • Whitehead, Jo Dell

  • Wilkerson, T. J. 

  • Wise, Olivia "Dell"

Mural Montgomery County Conroe.png
Montgomery County Historical Commission

Montgomery County Historical Commission
c/o Larry Foerster, Chairman
414 West Phillips St., Suite 100
Conroe, TX 77301
Purpose and Mission

To discover, circulate information pertinent to the historical identity of Montgomery County.
To cooperate with other organizations in preserving the history and heritage of Texas.
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